Bygone Badass Broads: 52 Forgotten Women Who Changed the World by Mackenzi Lee.

Hellooo my lovely bookworms!!!

I’m so happy because I’m finally doing this review. This is actually the first history book about women that I’ve ever read, which is a really sad thing, but I’m glad I read it because it’s just amazing. I’m a 100% feminist because I know how hard it is to get your voice to be heard, especially in my country where everything is taboo, including being a feminist.

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Author: Mackenzi Lee               Published: February 27th, 2018          Pages: 176




Based on Mackenzi Lee’s popular weekly Twitter series of the same name, Bygone Badass Broads features 52 remarkable and forgotten trailblazing women from all over the world. With tales of heroism and cunning, in-depth bios and witty storytelling, Bygone Badass Broads gives new life to these historic female pioneers. Starting in the fifth century BC and continuing to the present, the book takes a closer look at bold and inspiring women who dared to step outside the traditional gender roles of their time. Coupled with riveting illustrations and Lee’s humorous and conversational storytelling style, this book is an outright celebration of the badass women who paved the way for the rest of us.

Badass Bygone Broads is pretty much a history book about women. I’m not sure about you but my history at school was centered mostly in men, I can count the women in history that I’ve been talked about. I have nothing against learning about important men in history that helped shape the world we’re living in today, but I also think it’s important to include all this badass women that had a part in it and are definitely not given enough recognition. Don’t get me wrong, not all these women are heroines and morally good but I’m gonna quote Mackenzi’s words for this:

In order for women to achieve true equality in historical narratives, we have to talk about them in the same way we do men–warts and all.”

Before I actually talk about these women I would like to tell you about the writing, I loved it. It’s nothing  fancy and no, it’s not like the common history books you read. Mackenzi has this way of expressing herself that makes you feel like you are actually having a conversation with her and I think that played a really important part in this book because for some people history can be a little bit boring but she actually makes it really interesting and even funny, in this way I believe this book can get to even a larger audience because I know, history is not always fun for some people.

I’m gonna do this a little bit different, since this is history about 52 women, as much as I would want to talk about each one of them, this post would just be ridiculously long so I’m actually going to mention 2 of my favorites and a little bit about them so you know what you can actually find in this book.

  • Emily Warren Roebling (Chief Engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge)

Women these days are in every single area of study. In Emily’s time this wasn’t so easy, she married her husband Washington whom she met at a military ball and went with him to Europe where he studied The use of caisson in building bridges (you can check the definition of caisson in the link, but it’s pretty much a structure that keeps the water out of the working environment when used for the construction of bridges.) Guess who also studied by his side? YES, you guessed right! Emily. (if that isn’t Honeymoon goals then I’m not sure what it is.) So this is pretty much what happened, Washington became Head Engineer to the Brooklyn Bridge with his wife as assistant to the head engineer. Washington had an accident that left him without being able to move. Emily being the badass woman she is, stepped up as Head Engineer, showing all the ignorant men around her who believed a woman as an engineer was an abomination, he showed them what she was made of and finished that bridge with her husband by her side because they are relationship goals!

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  • Annie Jump Cannon (Census taker of the sky)

I have to say that I had already heard about this amazing woman, I saw her on a Cosmos episode, which is a tv show hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, if you like astronomy or just science in general, I recommend it 100%. Annie went to an all women’s college and studied astrophysics, she also got ill and the disease left her partially deaf, but that wasn’t going to stop her. After that she was offered an opportunity to attend to Radcliffe (Harvard for girls), and there she met Edward Charles Pickering who gave her the opportunity to work for him at his laboratory in Harvard along with other women whose work consisted of mapping, defining every star in the sky and developing a classification system. In Annie’s time stars were classified this way: A, B and C but that system could not cover every single star, so what did Annie do? well she created her own system because why not? Her system consists of O, B, A, F, G, K, M, R, N, S, which is a lot more helpful and thorough. With some small modifications, Annie’s system is still the one we use today to classify those beautiful dots of light we see in the sky every night.


Believe me there’s a lot more about these two women and 50 more, including pirates, commanders, warriors and just everything you can imagine.  These two were my favorites because since I was a little girl I have been told that there are careers that some women just couldn’t study, I never believed that obviously, and this is living proof of that.

I wish I could tell you about some of the other women, but I really believe it’s important for every single woman/girl to read this book, you learn so much in a fun and encouraging way. I just think it’s amazing how these women got to rebel against everyone at times where women had no rights and started showing their generation the concepts of feminism.

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Thank you all for reading and tell me in the comments if you’ve read this book? or if you’re planning on reading it! Hope you are having an amazing day.

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15 thoughts on “Bygone Badass Broads: 52 Forgotten Women Who Changed the World by Mackenzi Lee.

  1. I NEED THIS BOOK! I was already excited for eventually getting my hands on it because woman power and inspiration and badass freaking broads! But you have 100% solidified the idea that I need this book in my life.

    I recently was provided Women of the Resistance: Poems for a New Feminism by the publisher and I am super excited for this one too! SO fantastic to see books like this coming out!!

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    1. I knooow I love books that ecourage feminism, they are so important in the society we are living in. The Poems one sounds really great 😮 I might have to check it out, and you should definitely read the boook, it’s amaziing!

      Liked by 1 person

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