Are The ACOTAR Books Overhyped?

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Today I’ll talk about something that has been on my mind for the longest time. Last year I started seeing that a lot of people on youtube and instagram were really into these books from A Court of Thorns and Roses by  Sarah J. Maas, I’m not the biggest Fantasy fan but after some time I just started seeing it everywhere so I had this need to just read it. I got the books at the end of last year, and I recently finished the series with the last book A Court of Wings and Ruin and I was really wondering after reading it if the series is truly worth all the hype around it.

So I wanted to write my opinion about each book in this post and see if I can get a conclusion at the end of it. If you haven’t read one of the books then you should probably not read that part, there aren’t any BIG spoilers but I understand not wanting to know small details, so be careful! You could also just read the conclusion or the gifs!

A Court of Thorns and Roses

You can read the goodreads synopsis here

Rating:Imagen relacionada

The First book was okay, it was not super bad but It definitely wasn’t perfect. I think it leaves a lot to think about and the whole plot  didn’t convince me too much. The writing was okay, I had fun reading it. The first pages were extremely slow and it took me a long time to read it but after some pages it started getting interesting, although not as much as I expected. I didn’t like the characters in this book, I didn’t like Tamlin, I didn’t like Feyre, I didn’t like Feyre’s family, Honestly the only ones I liked in that first book were Lucien and Rhysand. The way Tamlin treated Feyre, It just bothered me soo much, that “instalove”, I just didn’t like it and that was like 70% of the book. The other 30%  was good, I loved the world The author created, I think it’s really original and well-thought. The writing and descriptions in the book were really well done, it didn’t feel like too much but it let you imagine the setting. The end of this book saved the whole book for me, not for the happily ever after but because it left me wondering what was going to happen with Feyre after what had been done.

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A Court of Mist and Fury

Goodreads synopsis here.

Rating: Resultado de imagen para 4.5 out of 5 stars

THIS BOOK FROM START TO END HAD ME GOING CRAZY! I loved this book, It’s probably going to be on my top 10 at the end of the year. Everything was amazing. I honestly, loved how Feyre stood for herself and didn’t let Tamlin manage her life anymore, that honestly made me so happy. I loved the kind of connection she had with Rhysand, I loved that with him it was always a choice and not because SHE HAD TO. The Introduction to Velaris was a dream, reading the descriptions about this world was just amazing, Sarah J. Maas is an amazing writer, very careful and precise with her words. The plot extremely well constructed, it kept me wanting to read more and more about what was going on. The introduction to new characters was just awesome, Rhysand’s friends are all perfect, but the women in his group, Mor and Amren were badass and reading the story behind them was really interesting, how they stood up in a world ruled by men. The end in this book was shocking, I did not expect that end. It was GENIUS! The only reason why I didn’t give this book 5 stars is because I still wasn’t too convinced with Feyre, she’s the main character so it’s like a big deal for me that I don’t really like her.

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A Court of Wings and Ruin

Goodreads Synopsis here.

Rating: Resultado de imagen para 3.5 stars out of 5

I had a BIG problem with this book. The first 400 pages of the book were meh. This was the most recent one so I have very clear the things I was not happy with, they were all pretty personal. First, Vengeance, I understand the reasons that made Feyre feel so much hate against Tamlin, I understand her feelings but I just can’t enjoy reading those things. It became a really negative space and plot and those first pages were just not something I liked. Second, The excessive sexual references and chapters, I feel like it would have felt a lot more special if she had just added 2 or 3 max. of these things. It was not necessary, I felt like screaming to the book I GET IT, NOW PLEASE TAKE ME BACK TO THE REAL ACTION. Third, NESTA, soo muh Nesta and I just don’t like her, she’s a really mean person and Cassian, YOU DESERVE BETTER. After those really meh first pages, then the real action began and I LOVED IT! There were some chapters that honestly had me wanting to go inside the book and live it with them. There were some plot twists that were just crazy and had me crying, laughing, screaming, falling in love. I was a Rollercoaster of emotions. The war, the killing, the DRAMA, the description in those last pages were everything and I forgave the book for the first pages and decided that those last pages were so magical that it just deserved a good rating. The end was good, I didn’t imagine it going any other way, It made me suffer but that end was worth it.

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Are they Overhyped?

I want to say that this is a really personal opinion and if you LOVED or HATED the books, it’s still a valid answer and it counts.

It was a really good story. It had a lot of things that I didn’t like. One thing is for sure and that is that I will never forget this world, I loved the world and the details it had were amazing. Characters like Amren, Mor, Lucien, Azriel, Cassian and Rhysand I will never forget about them, but based on what I believed it was going to be and what it became sadly, it didn’t do it for me. I expected so much more, especially from the first book, I do think she made amazing progress with the second book and if we were just basing this in the second book, I would probably say it’s worth all the hype it had. The third one, that start was again, not what I thought it would be but the end was really great. There were a lot of ups and downs. I believe these books are extremely overhyped when probably just one of them truly deserves it.

This opinion doesn’t mean that they were bad books. I enjoyed all the books, some more than others and I definitely think that if you’re planning on reading these books, you should give them a chance, they are really entertaining and the writing is really good.

I want to hear your opinions, Do you think they are overhyped? Did you LOVE all the books? Were some better than others? Which one was your favorite? Tell me on the comments!!

Thank You so muuch for reading my post, Hope you are having really good reads!

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21 thoughts on “Are The ACOTAR Books Overhyped?

  1. I’ve only read the first two so far and I really liked them 🙂 But also I didn’t really like how they were so hyped (not just this series but any series, really) because it gave me expectations going to the books and I like to just go with it and see how I feel 🙂 Also I knew going into ACOMAF that it was gonna be Rhys because I’d seen everyone talking about their ship which annoyed me because I was like SPOILERSSS I still like Tamlin guysss still on book one let me live! But now I love Rhys so it’s all good xD

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  2. i disliked all three of the books, but i always hesitate to call something “overhyped.” to me they were, but to someone who 5 starred all of them then they weren’t??

    there are some books i’ll call overhyped (simon vs the homo sapiens agenda, for example) – but that’s usually when i get the appeal of a book but think it’s been exaggerated. when i just have a totally different opinion from most people on a book, i assume that it’s more of a just-me scenario.

    but with your ratings for the series it seems like overhyped might be a good word for it?

    i don’t know! i never realized i have such confusing/specific parameters.

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    1. I understand what you mean. I think it’s a really personal opinion, probably the title should have been if they were overhyped for me. I found the books to be entertaining but it was nothing like out of this world amazing, it had too many things that I didn’t like, that people thought were amazing and for me just weren’t that great. I also think the parameters to rate a book could be really different depending on the reader? Like for me a series that would be worth all of this are series that I rate 4-5 stars (all the books). But again, that’s just my opinion haha 😀

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  3. I think its over hyped because its Sarah J. Maas. She is an instant buy for many people. I personally liked ACOTAR because I’m a huge Beauty and The Beast fan, but the ending of the series for me was a major let down depending on what you expect. I didn’t care for the drawn out war politics. Okay, yeah, even though I felt positive about the series overall it is a bit over hyped.

    Well, when I think about it there’s a difference between overhyped and overrated? Do you think they are overrated?

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    1. I can see what you mean about the end haha It’s wasn’t anything too big, but I guess it did it for me haha. For me they are overhyped and overrated, but I do feel like The second book did deserve the 4.5 stars I gave it because it was truly awesome. The first one and the third one didn’t convince me too much.


  4. I don’t think it’s overhyped.. it’s just very popular… but it also has its haters… For me personally, this series is only about ACOMAF… Din really enjoy the first except for the last 100 pages.. Definitely don’t like Nesta in the third.. and somehow the ending din satisfy me.. but I’m usually all about characters.. and I love Feysand and the inner Circle, so I will read ACOFAS too…. !!!

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  5. OOPS. Didn’t mean to send that yet. Lol! I haven’t read these books yet, but I’ve read A LOT about them! Sometimes it’s hard to really enjoy books that everyone else loves so much. I usually go into it putting a little more pressure because if SO many people loved it than it must be AMAZING!!

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  7. I totally understand what you are saying and I agree with the, like, order you put the books in…but I would probably bump them all up 2 stars each (plus another 3.5 for ACOMAF). I love the feysand slow burn throughout the first two books and I think the world building is amazing. But my first read of the first book I felt different. And my first read of ACOWAR.

    While reading ACOTAR, I felt like something was off. And I love re-reading it now because I am getting the double meaning of all of their actions. I feel like ACOMAF is absolutely perfect. And even more perfect in the context of the other 2 books!

    BUT I 150% agree with you on your thoughts of Nesta and Cassian. I think that she has loads of groveling to do for Feyre before she can even think about getting a love life. I hope we get a huge fight and then explanation in ACOFAS that might make me feel differently because I really think they will be cannon. My favorite couple is going to be Elucien (behind feysand of course) because they really are going to be perfect for each other. ESPECIALLY since we find out Lucien’s real parentage and that Elain’s favorite hobby revolves around all different aspects of Lucien’s life.

    (Sorry this is so long… I literally cannot stop talking about this series. LOL)

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    1. I bet reading ACOTAR again would change a lot of what I think about it but when I first read it, it just didn’t convince me. I loved rhysand since he appeared as the bad guy haha. and omg I do hope we get that explanation, Nesta is feyre’s sister and I just feel like she really needs to start treating her better, apologize and stop being so ugh! and ELUCIEN! Lucien is just perfect for Elain, well she’s her mate so of course he is haha but Yes they are my second favorites too! hopefully we get more of them on ACOFAS! 😀


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