One Lovely Blog Award

Valentine’s is coming!! and I’m so happy I got nominated for this really lovely award.

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I was nominated by this amazing blogger Kay Wisteria you need to check her blog and follow her, she’s extremely lovely and does amazing book reviews and posts. You’ll love her blog!!


  • Thank the person who nominated you for the award
  • Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog.
  • Share 7 facts or things about yourself.
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers that you admire and inform the nominees.

My life is actually extremely boring so I’m not sure if these facts will be interesting to read or fun but let’s staaart!!

  1. I’m Hispanic/Latina.

I’m actually from Panama, a small beautiful country in Central America, so my first language is spanish. I learned english at school and by myself too because I am really passionate about it. I’m still learning so I apologize if there are any mistakes on my posts!

2. I enjoy taking pictures.

I really like taking pictures of flowers, the beach and just nature mostly. I think this world is really beautiful and I want to try to remember as much as I can.

3. I’m studying Industrial Engineering at college. 

I’m on my second year and I  have to do 3 more years so that’s a looong time before I become an engineer.

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4. I love traveling.

Even if I don’t do it as much as I would like to traveling makes me truly happy, I love meeting new people, new cultures and always taking a little bit of that with me.



I’ve loved Ed Sheeran for a long time now, I love his background, his music,  his albums, all his songs are just perfect. The Divide Album is my favorite, all the songs are extremely good. I’ll leave you one of them below, just in case you wanna hear him haha


6. I’m trying to build a personal library

Well I’m actually trying to do this with my boyfriend who loves books too(yaay!), and it’s going so far so good! I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied so I’ll just keep buying books haha

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7. I’m extremely shy (sometimes)

It makes me really anxious just to think about talking to people first but once they talk to me and we share some common interests, it’s all good! I actually enjoy talking to people but I’m just too shy to start a conversation sometimes.

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I was having a really bad day and I just opened the blog, started reading some posts and comments and it just made me feel so much better! That’s why I decided to do this award today. I’ll nominate some people here because I know if I don’t no one will actually do it . But I just want to say that everyone deserves this award because you are all extremely lovely people.


If you already did the tag or just don’t feel like doing it, it’s totally fine. Thank You for taking the time to read this post and I really hope you are having a great life and reads of course!

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40 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. That’s so cute that you’re creating a library with your boyfriend and that he loves reading too!
    I’m trying to build my own library but I am restricted in space and funds 🙈 ideally I’d love to have a family library of books filled with books I think would be beneficial for my cousins that they can share amongst themselves!
    Thanks for the tag! I’ll do on Tuesday ☺️

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    1. Can’t wait to read your facts! Yes, I agree books can be really expensive! actually I just started doing this a few years ago because before that I was at highschool and I didn’t have any money to buy books haha

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  2. THAT IS SO IMPRESSIVE that you’ve taught yourself english/learned it in school!! your english is so good! & i’m so glad that even if you were having a bad day, blogging cheered you up 🙂 hopefully the day improved and tomorrow/today is even better!! thank you so much for the nomination ❤

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  3. Ahhh, you’re Latina??? THAT’S AWESOME!!! A friend of mine speaks Spanish as well. I took Spanish for 1 year with a combination of 7th grade and 8th grade. Then, I switched into 2 years of French, and now I’ll be taking 2 years of Arabic lol. I want to learn all the languages but my first language is Somali and I learned English when I came to the US from Kenya, Africa.

    I love travelling as well. I’ll be moving into a library when I’m old enough xD Even the beds will be made of books 🙂

    Thanks so much for nominating me. I’ve been really busy lately because I got a new job and school is insane as usual, but tomorrow is the weekend so I’ll try to write several posts and schedule them. I’ll be doing the 2 tags you’ve nominated me for and some other ones.


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    1. Oh wow that’s so impressive!! It’s really cool that you know all those languages!! It’s so amazing that you’re from Kenya, I’ve always wanted to go! where I want to go everywhere to be honest but Kenya is on my list too haha!

      The library Idea sounds like something I would do too, it sounds like a great plan to spend my last years! haha

      Take your time doing the awards, that’s fine and I hope your new job is going really well 😀

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      1. Know them?? Not really!! LOL, I only took them as classes for a little while but all I can say is Hi, My name is Blank, and I like your face, baby haha. I’ve learned how to say that in 4 languages xD

        TRAVELLING IS BAE!! I can’t wait until I’m old enough to travel and explore the world out there! I was super little when I came from Kenya to America

        Thanks so much ♥ I know that you said that you’re shy, but you seem like a really down to earth, sweet person 🙂

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  4. I could relate with many of the things.Felt as if I reading about myself from someone else’s perspective.You are amazing ,TOTALLYYY!!! ❤ love reading your posts.they actually turn my bad day into good one.So, a big thank you for that 😀

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  5. That’s so cool that you’re Latina; you write so well that I never would have guessed English isn’t your first language 🙂 I’m in my fourth year of Spanish right now and hope to be fluent one day; I think it’s such a great language 😀 And Industrial Engineering is AMAZING whenever I see smart stem-y people I’m just in awe and then I take math tests and go like 1 + 2 = 5 *cries* Also Ed Sheeran is PERFECT (see what I did there *laughs at own bad pun and then realizes nobody else is laughing*) It’s so fun learning more about our internet friends 😀

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    1. Thank you so much haha ❤ 😮 that's awesome that you're learning spanish, I'm sure you'll be fluent soon enough 😀 I don't think I consider myself to be super smart at math but eeh I do what I can haha! and I totally saw what you did with Ed Sheeran haha I really like that song, I probably listen to it everyday! Thank You for nominating me again ❤

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  6. Thanks for nominating me and congratulations for the nomination! I enjoy travelling a lot but I’m never able to travel much because MONEY!
    And I want my personal library too! It would be so cool to spend all day staring at all those beautiful books.
    Great post!

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